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What my clients say

"Thank you Lisa for our brilliant sessions together, your gentle and empathic approach relaxed me instantly. It’s so wonderful to have time dedicated just for you; the guided hypnosis was like walking through a pleasant dream. Afterwards I felt a great sense of peace and self-confidence. I use the images from the hypnosis sessions to help me sleep when I need to."

Rose from London


Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Advantages of Hypnotherapy

You are in control.  We will work together and use hypnosis to support you in making the changes to your life that you want to make and address any issues that you raise.

It's quick.  It is not normally necessary to spend a lot of time looking back at the past.  Hypnotherapy can be effective just by looking at what's happening now.

No unpleasant side-effects.  There are not usually any unpleasant side-effects associated with hypnosis.  In fact, most people say they become more and more relaxed.  People feel more able to cope with their current situation and more confident in facing the future.

It's empowering.  We discuss what it is that YOU would like to achieve and agree how to work towards your goals.  You can also learn self hypnosis, which you can continue to use throughout your life.  You won't need to pay for lots of hypnotherapy sessions; you can learn techniques that you can use yourself whenever you need to.

Book a session with me to find out how hypnotherapy can help you, and learn to empower yourself for life.