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What my clients say

"Thank you Lisa for our brilliant sessions together, your gentle and empathic approach relaxed me instantly. It’s so wonderful to have time dedicated just for you; the guided hypnosis was like walking through a pleasant dream. Afterwards I felt a great sense of peace and self-confidence. I use the images from the hypnosis sessions to help me sleep when I need to."

Rose from London




/ Looking for a therapist you can trust?

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), the UK's leading and largest professional association for therapists.  Click here to view my FHT Directory listing. 

On the NHS Choices website there's a link to Find a hypnotherapist through the Professional Standards Authority which links to the FHT's website. 

/ Qualifications

I qualified in 2012 after being trained by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks. My training was classroom based - National Guild of Hypnotists course in London. I passed three exams covering the theoretical and practical aspects of hypnotherapy. 

I attend regular group supervision, and further study days with HypnoTC.  I am a committee member of the James Braid Society.  We have a visiting speaker each month; a broad range of topics are presented and discussed throughout the year. I am responsible for the twitter feed and regularly tweet on behalf of the society.  

These activites enable me to continue to practice safely, connect with and learn from other therapists, and keep me informed of new techniques and developments within the hypnotic world.

/ Location - on-line, using Zoom and Skype

I am based in London, I work on-line using various platforms including Zoom and Skype.

/ Price

I offer an introductory online chat to all potential new clients, there is no charge for this first step.  There is no pressure to book either, it's useful to have a chat and to talk about what you are looking for and the changes that you are keen to make. Please contact me by email to arrange a convenient time for us to talk info@lisafrenchhypnotherapy.co.uk

The cost of an on-line hypnotherapy session is £70. Session time is usually 40 to 50 minutes.

I am able to answer questions by email or have a chat on the phone between sessions.  Recordings are often provided as part of the therapeutic process; there is no extra charge for these.

/ Find me on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

I can be found on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

I am a Committee member of The James Braid Society, and do the tweets for the society. In 2017 I set up a private Facebook group for hypnotherapists who wish to be connected to this twenty year old "institution" which is a social group and discussion forum for hypnotherapists. 

My therapy work is confidential. There's no mention of identifiable individual client details in my social media activity. I might make general statements, for example,  often clients tell me how relaxing and soothing they find my voice. 

If, and only if, I have permission from a client, I use specific feedback sometimes with their first name. I do this because it can help those who are using Google to find a suitable therapist.

/ How many sessions would I need?

This depends on various factors and it is quite individual.  After we have had an initial chat, I will be more able to answer this question. 

If you wish to experience being in hypnosis you can do this in one session, often people then like to do a couple more sessions to learn how to do self hypnosis.


/ Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people can be hypnotised.  Some people will naturally go deeper into hypnosis than others.

I am afraid hypnosis won't be suitable for you if you have dementia, brain damage, diminished/poor mental capacity or if you are severely depressed.

If you have had any episodes of psychosis then hypnosis should be avoided.